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Living In The Philippines -- The Cebu Experience

American Expat Living In The Philippines

Hi, my name is Rusty Ferguson.  I am an American expat living in the Philippines since February of 2008. I grew up in the Southern USA. I retired early and decided to add some excitement to my life by moving to the Philippines.

I am having the best time of my life. If you are thinking about moving to the Philippines this is the site for you. Follow along and learn how to avoid some of the mistakes I have made and some of the things that have gone well for me.

With this blog, I cover topics like living in the Philippines, the cost of living in the Philippines, Filipino cultureand the US dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate. Being a lover of photography, there are many photorgraphs throughout this blog. Nearly all of which have been taken by me.


Filipina Living In The Philippines This is Jessie.  She is Filipina and is my girlfriend. She has lived in the Philippines all her life is a great source of information for me.

She helps me with this website, mostly working in the background as my proof reader. Which is a bit ironic since English is not her first language.  Her friends from Tacloban make fun of her because when she speaks English now, she does so with a bit of a Southern Accent.

Jessie is an angel but she's got a fiesty attitude.  Since she has to deal with me day in and day out, that is a good thing.  But I lovingly call her my ornery angel at times. She treats me like a king.

A New Site For Cebu Experience

Just a short update to let you know that I am now blogging on my new site. The new site can be found at ExcitingCebu.Com This will be the final post I make on this site. Though I love it dearly, Google killed it. Please sign up to get notified of new articles posted on…

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Things to Do In Cebu Philippines

Cebu Philippines is located in the center of the country. It is one of the more than 7100 islands that make up the Philippines. Cebu is a province within the Philippines, an island and Cebu City is the capital city of the province. Sometimes Cebu is referred to as the “Pearl of Asia” or “the…

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Major Elements of Filipino Culture

Filipino Culture -- Mano Po

For anyone moving to the Philippines from a Western nation understanding Filipino culture is crucial. If you don’t learn about the culture of the Philippines you will find yourself confused about the motivations of Filipino. While they know to make allowances for you, if you don’t know anything about their culture you’ll likely misunderstand much….

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US Dollar To Philippine Peso — Ouch!

Expats and the US Dollar to Philippine Peso

US dollar to Philippine Peso rates have falling to below 41 the last two times I transferred cash from the USA to the Philippines. I am using Xoom and like all other remittance companies their exchange rate is lower than the market rate or what you will get using your ATM Card. However for me,…

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Time to Relaunch Cebu Experience

Expat In Filipino Style Hat

A few months ago, I logged in to my favorite website with much excitement and pride. It was this site of course. I instantly noticed that the traffic graph to this site showed a massive decline in traffic. I had been following the news about upcoming Google changes and had been working to make changes. …

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Being Rude To A Filipino Can Lead To Deportation

You often hear that raising your voice to a Filipino can get you deported. It is true, it can. Usually though it will take more than that. But if you are rude to a Filipino and they file a complaint with the Bureau of Immigration (BI) then you can be sure you will be at…

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Ghost in the Philippines


Since I have been living in the Philippines, I’ve seen things that have caused me to re-evaluate many things. I’ve been exposed to a lot of superstitious beliefs including those revolving around ghost in the Philippines. A lot of what I hear from Filipina still seems pretty far fetched. I can’t totally discount what I’ve…

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