Links to your site are now DO FOLLOW.  Yes you heard me correctly.  When you post a comment and put your URL in the website field, you will now get a a follow link to your website.

Do Follow links were disabled due to the extra demand the plugin was placing on the server.

american expat in the philippines

Rusty Living In The Philippines

Now there are a few rules.   They have to be in place as so many will try to take advantage of this, ruining my site with their nonsense.  It wont work.  Your post will be deleted or the URL removed or anything else I think is appropriate.

  • After 10 quality comments your links will become do follow.   Post before 10-19-2010 do not count due to a limitation in the software.
  • You must use your name.  No keywords or site name in the name field.  Can be just your first name if you prefer.
  • Your comment be related to this website.  Posting unrelated information will not count toward your 10 comments.
  • Self Serving URLs within Comments are not allowed.  URLs to sites that are not your own and related to the topic are welcome.  You get a URL in your name.  That is enough.
  • Appropriate language is required.  Your language should be rated G.  As a guide, only language you would feel good about if you were speaking to your grandmother.  Personal attacks are not welcome.  Disagreeing is welcomed.
  • Emails must be valid.
  • Joining our fan page will be considered in evaluating post as spam or not spam.  Your message is more likely to be approved if you’re a fan.
  • I reserve the right to edit or remove your comments at any time for any reason.

I have about four levels of automated spam prevention on this site, so please don’t waste your time.  Even if you do get past all of that, you will still get your post deleted or your URL removed and the site blacklisted.

This may prove to be untenable.  So this policy could be altered or terminated at this time.