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Filipino Culture Archives

Major Elements of Filipino Culture

Filipino Culture -- Mano Po

For anyone moving to the Philippines from a Western nation understanding Filipino culture is crucial. If you don’t learn about the culture of the Philippines you will find yourself confused about the motivations of Filipino. While they know to make allowances for you, if you don’t know anything about their culture you’ll likely misunderstand much….

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Noynoying — The Do Nothing Craze


There is a new craze in the Philippines and it is called “Noynoying.” It is mostly practiced by youth at college campuses. It is a jab at the president of the Philippines who goes by the nickname of Noynoy. President Aquino seems to be a good down to earth man to me. He would rather live in his home than in the Presidential Palace or Malacañan Palace.

abortion in the philippines

bortions in the philippines are illegal. It has been illegal for over a century and that is very unlikely to change. Though it isn’t a subject I’ve discussed with Filipino it is my perception the majority of Filipino would agree with that ban. Despite that, it is estimated there are over 500,000 illegal abortions  in the…

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Religion and Hypocrisy In The Philippines Part II

In my previous article I began discussing the charges of hypocrisy in the Philippines. I’ve had smug and derogatory comments on this site a few times from people that condemn the Philippines for religious hypocrisy.  The article became long and involved so I have broken it up into more than one article. You can read part…

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Religion And Charges of Hypocrisy In The Philippines

Pretty Filipina at Cebu Beach Resort

n the lives of many Filipino, religion is important. The country is said to be about 80% catholic. It feel more like 99% in the areas I frequent.  At the same time, I hear many of those interested of living in the Philippines bringing up hypocrisy.  They often scoff at the idea that Filipino are a religious people….

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