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Time to Relaunch Cebu Experience

Expat In Filipino Style Hat

A few months ago, I logged in to my favorite website with much excitement and pride. It was this site of course. I instantly noticed that the traffic graph to this site showed a massive decline in traffic. I had been following the news about upcoming Google changes and had been working to make changes. …

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Old Men and Young Women In The Philippines

Young Woman In The Philippines

I observe visitors and expats within the Philippines that complain about the age of the mates of other visitors and expats. It fits in with a topic of interest to me. That topic is those that complain about the Philippines. I want to start off with a simple observation. It really is okay to like…

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Can A Foreigner Own A Gun In the Philippines?

A Foreigner Cannot be In Possession Of A Firearm When I first arrived in the Philippines I had learned that a foreigner in the Philippines could not own a firearm. Like many things I learned, and even read law on, I later found out I was mistaken. When I was first researching the issue I…

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Interest In The Philippines

Staggering Interest In The Philippines I just got my credit card statement for my Philippines issued credit card. I’ve been wondering what kind of interest rate they would charge me, I need wonder no more. It is only 3.5 %.  That sounds pretty good huh? Well that’s 3.5% per month not per year. Per year…

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Public Restrooms In The Philippines

Public Restrooms In The Philippines

Public Restrooms In Cebu Soon after I first started living in the Philippines,  I read a comment on a forum about the lack of restrooms in the Philippines. It was from an Australian and he went on and on about it. I don’t recall there being a lot of public restrooms sprinkled around in the…

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