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7 Steps Before Moving To the Philippines

A Rock Castle Near The Underground River In Palawan

If you are moving to the Philippines there are preparations you need to make and they apply to most all people.  There will always be variations and your specific details will vary of course. These steps would apply to nearly any place you’d plan on moving too.  This will only be a brief summary of…

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The Bogo City Festival

Sexy Filipina

The Bogo City Festival just had finished up its yearly event. I spent several days trying to find out when the parade would be. I’m beginning to wonder if there even was a parade. There had to be a parade. I don’t think it is possible to have a festival in the Philippines without a…

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Living In The Philippines as A King?

Many Westerners living in the Philippines become disillusioned soon after they arrive in the Philippines. Sometimes people think they can live like a king in the Philippines. They often have limited budgets of around $1000 a month or less. Can you live like a link in the Philippines on $1000 a month?

That depends on your perspective. Most Filipino support an entire family, often a large family on far Eagle At Crocodile Farmless than$1000 a month. If you have $1000 a month to live on in the Philippines, most Filipino would consider that kingly living. Most Westerners wont agree with that assessment.

War Breaks Out Between China and the Philippines?

Map Showing Areas Cliamed By China

I believe that China and the Philippines are already at war. No shots have been fired yet. I believe China wants war and has already made it up its mind there will be one unless the Philippines gives China everything it wants. Oh China denied that it wants war of course. However they also recently used these words when references the conflict:

Philippines Authorities Are Out To Get Foreigners!

Police Car in Bogo City

There is just no doubt about it, the authorities in the Philippines are out to persecute foreigners that visit or live in the Philippines. The Philippines authorities are out to get the foreigners living in the Philippines. I hear this all the time. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing it.

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