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20 Things I Dislike About the Philippines Revisited

Jimmy Sieczka Dislikes the Philippines

ow, Jimmy Sieczka sure created a lot of publicity and got his 15 minutes of fame on his short video known as “20 Things I Dislike About the Philippines” video. He was very likely the most hated foreigner to live in the Philippines in history, at least in the last 5 years. As usual, it…

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Jimmy Sieczka Dislikes The Philippines Video

Jimmy Sieczka Dislikes the Philippines

t seems Jimmy Sieczka found a lot of things he didn’t like in the Philippines. He even left the Philippines a goodbye note with a video telling us all what he didn’t like.

Women That Live In The Philippines

I’ve said it many times, to live in the Philippines is like stepping onto a new planet for many. This is less true perhaps for military people that have traveled the world. It is less true for those that have traveled outside of North America. If you’re like me though, a guy that never stepped…

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Let’s Go Island Hopping!

Cebu Island Hoping

omething almost everyone enjoys is readily available in the Philippines and that is Island Hopping. One of my first outings in the Philippines was with a group of expats I had met online. I was amazed with the beauty. It was my first time out on the waters of the Philippines and it was captivating….

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Religion and Hypocrisy In The Philippines Part II

In my previous article I began discussing the charges of hypocrisy in the Philippines. I’ve had smug and derogatory comments on this site a few times from people that condemn the Philippines for religious hypocrisy.  The article became long and involved so I have broken it up into more than one article. You can read part…

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