My Cebu Experience

When I picked the name “Cebu Experience” (CEX) for this site, no one was using it. Two years

Location Of Cebu Within The Philippines

later, lots of people are using it. I love that but I wish they’d stop. Odd how so many sites popped up using the term later on. I’m sure they all thought of the term Cebu Experience on their own.

I am a big fan of Animal Planet and other such networks.  The Jeff Corwin Experience did come to mind as I decided to go with it.   Its an Animal Planet show where this slightly crazy reptile freak explores ther world, mostly in search of cool reptiles.  My exploration is limited to the Philippines and that is primarily in Cebu province.

Many of the expat sites like to go after the Living in Cebu or Living in the Philippines but I thought I’d try a new approach.   Now it seems others are trying to brand the term for themselves.  Smack smack, consider yourselves challenged to a duel.

Your Cebu Experience

Join me on my Cebu Experience!  Even better, share you’re Cebu Experience with me and the readers of Cebu Experience.  Would you like to write for Cebu Experience?  I’d love to have you.  If you live in Cebu, you’re hired.  🙂  Well, if you work for free that is.  Its a good way to get traffic to your site if you have one.  If you have spent time in Cebu, you too might be a great fit for Cebu

Map showing Locaiton of Cebu Island

Experience.  Use the contact form under the Admin page tab and let’s talk about it.  If you can’t write on a regular basis, then you can be a guest writer.  If you can give me one article a week, then you can be a featured expert here on Cebu Experience website.

Tell Me About Your Cebu Experience

I love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment about anything and especially about your Cebu Experience.  I love to hear from expats and I love to hear from Filipino.  You need to bring your sense of humor, it is required and you need to read between the lines as there might be a little sarcasm spread around here and there.  You should never assume that just because I say something means I agree with or condone it.  Often, I like to just lay a situation out and let the reader decide for themselves what they should think about it.

As one pretty Filipina that produces very nice video says, See You in Cebu!  She too uses the term Cebu Experience.