Captured Churches

I thought it would be nice to start a new hobby.  That hobby would be to take pictures of churches of the Philippines.  My goal is to visit at least one new Catholic Cathedral each month.  I say Catholic because that’s what is mostly here…  They are open during the day and hopefully I’ll be able to take pictures.

So far, I’ve not had enough discretionary funds to travel much, but I think i can afford a few hundred peso a month and give Jessie and myself a chance to get out and explore the Philippines..  Jessie’s shyness has kept her at home much of the time so it will be an exploration for her too.  Though she grows a little weary of my need to explore, she’s slowly getting more and more use to it.  I hope it will be enjoyable for her.

There are a lot of towns around Bogo City and I’m sure quite a few of them will have Catholic Churches. Most of the people that go to mass here do so by foot.  With Christianity being at the heart of the lives of so many Filipino, there must be many Cathedrals around and some of the smaller ones may hold some precious treasures.

There are Muslim Filipino but there are no mosque that I know of.  I’m sure they worship quietly in their way in seclusion.  With a war to the south between Muslim and Christian, it probably is not easy being different.  It is never easy being different.  At least for most.    In any case, the first month of pictures were of the Cathedral here in Bogo City.  Namely Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish.