Saints Peter and Paul Parish

Churches of Cebu series brought  us the historic church of Saints Peter and Paul on Bantayan Island.  The church is about 480 years old.  It is a large church with a large covenant.  It was built under Spanish rule and served as a staging point for priest as they entered the country.

They would stay here while studying languages of the Philippines and other cultural matters of the Filipino.  From here they would spread out across the country to being the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is a catholic church, like most that I will feature.  There are some non-catholic churches that I hope to visit and photograph and learn about those as well.

Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

One of the more interesting stories about this church deals with its construction.  the Spanish were in a hurry to get this building constructed so they enlisted very able body man on the island to help.  This took all the fisherman out of the sea and caused a shortage of fish.

During Holy Week, Catholics through out the world eat only fish.  There was a severe shortage of fish on the island during construction of the church.  So the pope issued a proclamation or edict or whatever it is that pope’s issue to exempt Bantayan Island from this tradition.  The island is still exempt of this requirement this day.

Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

As you can see from the above photo, the church is beautiful on the inside.  The high ceilings help keep the building cool too.  We caught the place when it was mostly empty which is great for taking pictures.  There were a few worshipers.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to visit any church this month but I’m thinking of visiting the church in San Remigio which is on the way to Bantayan Island.