Cebu Philippines is located in the center of the country. It is one of the more than 7100 islands that make up the Philippines. Cebu is a province within the Philippines, an island and Cebu City is the capital city of the province. Sometimes Cebu is referred to as the “Pearl of Asia” or “the Queen City of the South.” In 2011, Cebu City was declared as the first ASEAN “City of Culture” which is a prestigious award.

This award provided the theme for Sinulog. Sinulog is a month long festival. The grand finale occurs on the third Sunday each January in Cebu. It is the grandest festival in all of the Philippines and this country loves its festivals. Cebu Philippines is a more exciting location because of Sinulog.

Cebu Philippines Map

Cebu Philippines Provides Modern Convinience

Cebu City is a combination of modern luxury amongst poverty.  There is a middle class in the Cebu Philippines BusPhilippines and there is a concentration of wealth in the hands of a much smaller group. Most Filipinos are rather poor and you’ll see a mix of all of this throughout Cebu.

There are modern hotels for visit and grand condos to live. There are some very nice subdivisions for the wealthy and more modest ones for the middle class. Most Filipino live older homes and some live in thatch huts known as nipa huts. Some of the nicer hotels are listed below:

Two lower cost pension homes I often stay at are Cebu View  and Pacific Pension House. Pacific Pension is a bit hit or miss though. The staff is awesome but some rooms are plagued with ants or other bugs.

Cebu Philippines has a rich history that I find interesting. Colon Street is the oldest street in the Philippines. Basilica Minore del Sto Nino is a wonderful old cathedral that I have visited several times. There is also a historical Spanish fort and various other points of interest.

Things to See in Cebu Philippines

Sinulog itself is reason enough to visit Cebu Philippines. The following locations are mostly located within Cebu City. I have visited most of these places. I need to plan a trip to Carbon Market and the few remaning places I have yet to see.

  1. Basilica Minore del Sto Nino
  2. Magellan’s Cross
  3. Fort San Pedro
  4. Casa Gorordo Museum
  5. Taoist Temple
  6. Lapu Lapu Shrine
  7. Tops
  8. Malacañang sa Sugbo
  9. Plaza Independencia
  10. Rajah Humabon Park
  11. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
  12. Colon Street: Oldest Street in the Philippines
  13. Heritage of Cebu Monument
  14. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
  15. Crocolandia in Talisay City
  16. The Jungle Restaurant in Mactan
  17. Skywalk and Edge Coaster
  18. The Carbon Market

Most of the above links will take you to the articles I’ve written about visiting these places. The Jungle Restaurant is a real treat and I highly recommend you visit.

Things to do in Cebu Province

Out in the province visiting islands and water falls is popular with many. Bantayan Island  is a favoriteCaptiancillo islet for many which include me. It is my favorite place on earth. Another favorite is Malapascua Island which I have yet to visit. There is a small islet near my home known as Capitancillo Islet  that is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing but water, rock and sand on Capitancillo though.

Malapascua is famous for its diving. Many divers come from all over the world to dive off the shores of this island. It is a hot spot for the Thresher Shark which has a mesmerizing tail. It is very shy and generally not a danger to human. There are also manta rays and sea snakes.  The sea snakes bite is deadly but it is not aggressive and will not bite unless harassed.

In southern Cebu there are some very nice falls near Moalboal.  Kawasan Falls is in the nearby town of Badian, Cebu in the Barangay Matutinao and many others love Camotes Island. I’ve not been able to visit either of those places yet.

While in Cebu Philippines, many visit the nearby island of Bohol. It is a nature trip for most. Home of the smallest primate known as the Tarsier. They look like a gremlin to me. They are awesome creatures. There is a bee farm that looks very interesting and the floating restaurant tour is something I consider a must. It is probably most famous for its chocolate hills but they are only chocolate during the dry season. During the dry season the brush dies and giving the hills a chocolate appearance.

The number of things to do in Cebu City is limitless. If you see something I’ve left out, please leave a comment and if you’ve visited any of these places please tell us what you think of Cebu. I’ve covered only a few of the many things one can do in Cebu Philippines.

By Rusty Ferguson

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