I bet the mayor of Bogo City would like to kick some power company butt.  I wonder how much they local politicians complain about the power.  Perhaps, they can only do what the rest of us do, throw our hands up in disgust

More brownouts in Cebu

At about 1:15pm on Thursday October 7th 2010 the lights went off again.  I was working on my eBook when the power failed. I have no battery backup but hopefully the program I use will be able to recover it.  Open Office usually does though.

So to blow off some steam, I’m sitting on the front porch with our son’s netbook.   He is in school so I didn’t have to pry it from his fingers!

I wish I could get use to it but the more they happen the madder I get.  I know, I should just choose to not get mad and only worry about what I can change.  I cannot do a single thing to reduce the brownouts in Cebu.

I read in the paper yesterday that VECO is implimenting two hour rotational brownouts.   So, I assume this is province wide.  There’s no place in Cebu Province to escape it.

Unless you are able to afford the expense of a generator, I wouldn’t move to Cebu right now.  Not if I had other choices, instead, I’d

Casaroro Falls Near Valencia

head to that little mountain town of Valencia near Dumaguete in Negros Oriental.

They have their own thermal power generating supply there.  The residence enjoy rebates on their power as they are so rich in electricity.   Problem is though, they are also rich in mosquitoes and dengue.

I guess, no matter where you go, there’s always going to be one problem or another.  Being a gadget freak that breaks out into rashes when I get too hot though, these power failurs are really pissing me off.

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