Banks Closed for Two Weeks

People often talk about how the Philippines are laid back.  The banks in the Philippines closed on the 24th and have not re-opened and will not re-open until the 5th of January 2009. That should give the uninitiated some insight into just how laid back the Philippines are.  Now I doubt that all banks have been Bank Buildingclosed every minute.  I don’t see how the banking system could just shut down completely for an entire country.  Remithome, a firm that many use to send money to the Philippines stated on their website that banks will be closed on most days.  That seems to imply some lead-way on the matter.

I may be not be able to get any funds until the 7th of January as the banks don’t reopen until the 5th and it takes a couple of days to process the funds.  I’m not really complaining about it, I’ll manage.  I can get money from an ATM but it is more expensive.  Some are also warning of long lines at the ATM on the second.

It is nice that so many government and bank employees are able to spend time with their families.  The bonds of family are stronger in the Philippines than most western cultures are today.  Family is far more important than a couple of weeks of banking.  On the other hand, I can’t imagine banks in the US closing for two weeks.

The Disco is Closed too!

Another indicator of this delightfully laid back attitude is that it is New Years Eve and the disco in Bogo City will be closed tonight.  Several other businesses are closed as well.  A disco closing on the 31st in the states would be nearly incomprehensible.  But I say this with a slight smile on my face.  This is in your face attitude that its not money that is the most important issue for Filipino.

I’m not in the US and I will learn to be more like the Filipino and continue to adopt the culture of the Philippines.

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