Bantayan Island of Hospitality

Finally able to make a trip to Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines and was nearly overwhelmed with friendliness and hospitality.   It was not pushy Trestan's Restaurantthough.  Lots of people looking to make a few extra peso from the visits of westerners and vacationing Filipino too, nothing wrong with that.  I found them most helpful.

We stayed at Tristan’s Hotel and Restaurant and you will be able to find more expensive places and maybe more impressive in some ways, but I don’t believe you’re going to find a place were you’re comfort will be more important to the staff.  There’s no way you’re going to be closer to the beach.  The water was lapping at the open air cafe’s steps.  Just an awesome place and the staff was watchful to my reaction to everything they did.

I found a couple of guys that were very helpful.  The first one was Regan Diamante.  He ran errands for me.  I forgot to bring flip flops, a silly thing on my part.  He went to town and bought me a pair.  Of course, I paid for them and Jessie gave him a tip.  It cost me just under $2.00 for a pair of ‘Nike” no less.  Well, they bear the Nike logo but I’m pretty sure they are not genuine.  🙂 You can text Regan  at +63909-838-2410.  He speaks a little English.  However, he is very helpful and highly recommend.

Another Filipino, Miller also offered his services.  He speaks a little more English but has a hard time understanding southern. 🙂  He should be able to read it just fine, I think.  His phone number is +63908-770-2113.  I didn’t have an opportunity to put Miller’s services to the test as Regan beat him to us.

If you have someone that can call them and speak Cebuano or Tagalog for you that might be best, they may not have a balance on their phones to text you back and it will cut down on any confusion.  They can arrange anything you need.  Including how to get there if you need that.

Cheapest way is to take a bus to Hagnaya and then take a boat to Bantayan Island but I’m sure they can get you here from other means that would be more comfortable.   You likely need to get yourself to Cebu City if you’re not in Cebu Province already.

I’m lucky enough to live in Bogo City, a short distance from Hagnaya at the western tip of Cebu Province.

I will be writing a good deal more about this trip and posting around 200 pictures that I took.  I’ll most likely post that on my Cebu Experience site.

If you go to a beach resort in the Philippines, do yourself a favor and do not miss going to Bantayan Island!

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