Few Beggars in Bogo

Someone, probably the Mayor, seems to have put a stop to the begging in Bogo City.   While I still see it, I don’t see it nearly as much as I use too.  Especially down at the BBQ.  Those kids that were waiting for people to Beggarsfinish eating and then taking the scraps of food they left behind are still with me.

That was real need.  That wasn’t parents sending their kids out to make money for them.  I hope some of the need behind the begging has been resolved.  That of course is a much harder issue.

To me, its not a matter of it reflecting on Bogo City, its just that I live here so that’s where I see it.  Bogo City is a very nice place to live.  After all, it has won the greenest and cleanest city in the Philippines for three or four years in a row.  I think three years.

The story was about the poverty in the Philippines.  There’s far more poverty in both the north and the south of the Philippines.  Manila is a contrast, both rich and extremely poor.  The south has armed conflict, just this week there was a military battle between MORO Islamic Rebels and the Philippine National Army.  There is much need in the Philippines.  If you’re in a position to help, I hope you will consider to do so.

There’s still a few kids hanging around Jollibee’s and you will find a few on the streets asking for money.  Down at the BBQ by The Bay, I’ve not seen this at all in several months.  When I’m eating I really dislike it.

I have sometimes given the kids or even an adult a small amount and they don’t hound me like I had been warned they might.  I got a bad feeling from it when the first time I gave someone what I had in my pocket and they gave me a look of disgust and the child took the money to an adult.  They didn’t know I was still watching.  Its easy to become jaded but try to remember the kids grabbing the scraps of food left on a strangers plate.

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