Ferry Capsized in Central Philippines

Another ferry mishap in the Philippians, is a real eye opener to me.  I still have much to learn but I had noticed strong winds and stronger than normal waves in the bay here in Bogo City. This ferry that sank with at least 39 dead and 10 still missing is not far from me.  It’s a bit north, its just an island away. The mishap occurred near Masbate, in the Central Philippines.

Reports are that 79 have been saved by the Philippine Navy and that’s great to hear.  What this is meaning to me is that, we can’t leave it up to the ferry operators to take care of our safety.  There are many articles around the Internet that speak to the danger of these Ferries.  I suspect these are the smaller pump boat type ferries but I don’t know.  There was the major ferry that sank during Typhoon Frank that left over 700 dead and missing.  If a large operator like that cannot be trusted to do what is safe, it comes down to us using our own judgment.  No one forces us to get on these boats and its time that we say we’ll catch the next one.

That can be hard to do.  You might be tired or have a date with a scuba tank and only a week to visit the Republic of the Philippines (RP) and not want to waste a second.  And it is our nature in a civilized world to trust the boating companies.  The people running these boats and the captians all have pressures placed upon them.  Either they set sail or the company will find someone that will.  Jobs are hard to come by here.  Most of the time you’ll be okay.  The old skippers skills will get him through 999 times out of 1000.  It is a roll of the dice.  There are 49 people dead in the waters less than a 100 miles from me that rolled and lost.  Lost their lives!

The weather changes rapidly here at time.  A thunderstorm my appear quickly and with little warning.  The seas might be a little rough in the bay and releasing mother natures rage between your point of departure and the destination.

This craft must have had a two-way radio.  The Philippine government has been pushing for that and some boat operators have been resisting.  Peronally, I want the radio on any boat I’m on.  The skippers need to know what to expect before they leave port.

Humans can be so sheep like.  We see many other humans getting through.  Many other humans have accomplished this or that so it must be safe, right?  Remember hang gliding?  Well, that is if your old enough to remember the 70’s.  It was a huge fad for a while.  Then it came out how dangerous it was and now only the most daring do it.  At one point, we humans were flocking to rented hang glider tourist traps that turned into death traps.  That’s gone now.  We humans see others do it and we follow along, sometimes way to blindly, myself included.

This sinking near Masbate should be a wakeup call to us all.  There are wolves eating the sheep that went ahead of us.   We may not see it but it is what you don’t see that gets us hurt.  Stay alert and stay safe.

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