The supreme court has again ruled 7-6 that the law upgrading Bogo Town and 15 other Philippine municipalities to city status has been revoked.

Bogo is a Town Again

The court ruled the previous ruling was a tie vote of 6-6 could not overturn a majority ruling made the month before.

As I understand it, there was a law that raised the city hood income requirement as set in the constitution.  It would seem to this layman that the congress could pass another law to provide for an exemption to the prior law but the court seems to be saying no to that.  Republic Act 2009, passed by congress raised the requirement so its surprising to this bystander that the congress cannot pass another law making the exception.

I will be surprised though, if the now ex-cities don’t file another motion to reconsider the reconsideration.  The court seemed to

bogo city map

Where in The Philippines is Bogo City

be answering that already but the main reason the motion for reconsideration was granted was the previous tie vote.  I’m sure that leaves the door open for the hopeful towns.

If they loose their city-hood permanently, they loose a large amount of funding.   The other cities in the Philippines have a monatary interest because with 16 new cities taking a slice of the city pie, they have smaller pieces of pie.

While I do not wish to influence the outcome, even if I could, as one who lives in Bogo Town, I hope the court reverses itself again.  I have no idea though, how likely that is.  I’m an infant when it comes to Philippine politics and as a foreigner, it is both wrong and illegal for me to attempt to have any influence at all.

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