Shifting Winds of the Philippines

Last night I met a fellow expat at Liza’s seaside cafe.  His name is

Bogo City Seaside BBQ and Friends

Greg.  While talking, i mentioned that I’ve been battling allergies for the last month.  Greg said something like, but there are no seasons here, why would their be new pollens.  I thought that made a lot of sense.

This morning I found an article about the changing monsoon seasons help determine which parts of the Philippines is hammered by typhoons.

There are two major monsoon seasons for the Philippines.  The southwest monsoon and the northwest monsoon.  The southwest monsoon tends to push typhoons toward the north of the country.  And most typhoons this year have gone that way.  The exception would be Typhoon Frank.  The height of the northwest season occurs in November and December and the Visayan region of the Philippines will see more typhoons during that time.

It would make sense that these winds would bring in different allergens in for me to deal with.  I’ve done a little research but so far I have found nothing relating directly to monsoons and allergies.  I did find some talk of malaria and encephalitis being linked to the differing monsoon seasons.

I had a good time at Liza’s BBQ.  It seems one of the girls had been telling Greg that she was 19 but in fact, she was only 16.  Putting the breaks on his plans for the weekend.  Her sister has been trying to get my attention and I found out she is only 13.  She looks much older than 13.  I’m glad I have a good, stable girlfriend that happens to be hotter than most Filipinas.

I tried Red Horse beer for the first time last night.  It comes in a bigger bottle and packs a harder wallop.  And it is not a bitter beer at all.  I think I’ll try one off those next time instead of San Miguel just to see how it taste when I have one of those first.  I’ve never been a big beer drinker and wont become one as alcoholism runs in my family.

On our walk down to the seaside cafe last night, we saw an older guy fall off his motorcycle twice last night.  His family came out quickly to help him.  I wish I had offered more help but I’m afraid of drunks, one never knows how they may react.  I need to remember I’m in the Philippines though and not the US. Far less chance that help would be met with violence here.  Besides, I was carrying my stun gun.

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