Typhoon Hits Cebu Without Warning

Yesterday morning I woke up to a storm and the lights going out.  I thought, this looks like a typhoon coming in.  I’ve only seen one but the weather just looked different enough that it was not your normal monsoon.   Since it has been a drier monsoon season than normal, I reasoned that this is what we should have been getting all along.

To be safe, I asked Jessie to send one of the helpers out to get a newspaper.  I thought if there was a storm coming in, we needed to know and could get the information from the paper.  While she was out, banana bushes begun to topple and even tress where coming down.  The wind was not equal to that of Typhoon Frank but Frank was a major storm.  Quinta was likely a category one, though I don’t know.

The national weather service issued a signal one storm warning.  I’m hearing we were at signal two here in Bogo City before the storm had passed.  The elementary schools were dismissed at 11am and all ships were denied permission to sail by the Philippine Coast Guard.  However, one ferry with about 130 souls onboard had already set sail at 8am.   Seems like they could have been recalled under these conditions but probably no one expected things to get out of hand so quickly.

That ship,  MV Filipinas Surigao, had already left the port of Palompon bound for Cebu City with an expect arrival of 12pm.  However, the ship took an additional four hours to arrive.  Passenger were reporting having the scare of their lives.  It sounds like the crew of the ship did an expert job to bring this ship in safely with no injuries.

This storm left me without electricity for more than 24 hours.  Jessie and I were at Jollibee’s after spending about four hours online at Lanz Internet Cafe today then headed to Jollibee’s where we ate too much.  We got word our lights were on then another storm came in and out the lights went again, for what appeared to be the entire city.

Expat Dealing With The Storm’s Aftermath.

Jessie and I went home hoping that maybe this time our lights were spared.  Only to find our lights were out yet again.  Even Jessie was beginning to be weary from the lack of lights.  I told her not to worry, if the Pension house has lights with AIRCON that’s where we will be sleeping tonight!  I had  thought that it might be a good time to visit San Remegio Resort, again, if they have electrical power.

We waited a bit and just before dark, our lights went back on.  Jessie was excited but I told her she might want to hold that excitement as our lights came back on for about five minutes yesterday before we lost them again.  I refused yet to accept we would get through the night with lights.  LOL  I just couldn’t get my hopes up too much.  The heat has left me near exhausted and certainly very tired.

The small chairs around here are made for small Filipino, not us giant like Kanos (white people) walking around the Philippines.  So every part of me is really tired and I had no desire to lay down in my hot upstairs room in our home.  Yesterday was not to bad with temperatures around 27C (or about 78F I think) but today when I woke up around noon, it was 30C in the room which is a bit above 90F.

I had a hard time getting to sleep as it was hot and I was soaking wet from sweat.  I finally took an extra xanax to get me to sleep around 2am or maybe later.   Jessie was even more tired as she had been to Cebu City the day before.  It will be nice to get a good rest tonight!

Usually we get much more notice about these kinds of events.  I have email alerts setup to get information when a storm will make landfall.  I didn’t get anything on this storm.  It appears to have spawned and died before it could be announced through civilian sources.

This storm was not as damaging as Typhoon Frank, so far I’ve heard no reports of any deaths.  It appears to have come ashore about 60Km south of Bogo City which would put Bogo in or near the right quadrant which is usually the worst part of the storm.

It was clear when the storm had passed, there was a pronounced change in the direction of the wind and soon, there was much less wind and rain too.  Once again we had some minor flooding on our bottom floor.  The landlord needs to fix that but Jessie and I will not bother suggesting it.  She’d claim we must pay for it.  That will not happen.

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