One Man Killed During Recapture

A few days ago several young men busted out of the Bogo City Jail here in Northern Cebu Province of the Philippines. The jailer was said to be watching TV and was away from the jail when the men broke out. There are varying accounts from four to eight men that escaped.

They sawed their way through the bars and apparently ended up in San Remigio, a town about 17Km north of Philippine Jail EscapeBogo City. All were recaptured by Tuesday but one of them ended up dead. The officer that apprehended him stated that the prisoner shot at him and the officer then returned fire killing the 18 year old. Reports are that the rest of those that escaped here minors.

It is a tragic end of a young life, that does not imply I fault the officer I do not. He did what had to be done in such a situation.

The streets of Bogo are pretty safe. In most places in the Philippines, you can’t walk down the street with your cell phone out. In Bogo City you can, people do it on a regular basis. As Bogo becomes larger, it will likely also loose some of its innocense. With a little luck and hard work by the mayor and his barangay captains along with the police chief, hopefully this kind of excitement will not happen often.

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