A day in the Philippines,

the amazing low cost of services.

I got my second Filipino hair cut today and this barber spoke less English than the first. On the other hand, the price for this haircut was even less than the first. The haircut and massage was 30 peso. The tip was 20 peso. So including the tip the hair cut was less than $1.50 Jason went with me and he got a hair cut too. Unlike American children he was happy about it. He was all smiles.

The massage that goes along with a haircut here amazes me. Now I’m told you can get a hair cut for as less than 10 peso but I will take air conditioned hair cut over without air conditioned hair cut any day. I can take a lot more heat than i use to but I’m still a lazy American at heart.

Next time I hope to remember to take my camera or video cam and let Jessie take pictures, especially of the massage. It’s a head and upper back massage, in the shoulders and it feels good but it doesn’t last as long as I would like.

When we left there, we went to the lock smith. We need keys for the locks to our bedroom and the nanny needs one for her room. The lock smith was the most expensive. That cost us 1800 peso or $41.00. it was the most difficult to pay as there was no fun in it but it was needed. I think I could have got him to do this for a little less but why haggle over $1.50

Then Jessie and I went out to eat. We had pork chops, chicken guts and rice. I just had pork chops and beer. Two beers, very good beer. A pilsen type beer by San Miguel. Really fine stuff. This was 208 peso and a tip not really expected here. That translates into about $4.80 or about $47.00 for the entire day.

We also took a tricycle when we went out to eat. I usually walk but didn’t want to get a burst of energy tonight since I have to take the long bus trip to Cebu City tomorrow. That’s about 60 miles and cost 60 peso. The tricycle was 24 peso which is less than a dollar so we stayed below the $50.00.

When I had locks changed at my home in the US, and I changed only the outside locks and that was over $200. But we had four doors. This home is bigger and has the potential to be nicer than what I left in Memphis, Tn. USA.

A land of low prices, beautiful girls and fun. The Philippines is truly a paradise for the American expatriate or expatriate from any country.

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