Two City Official’s Shot Dead In Bogo City

Two members of Bogo City’s CBACTAF were shot dead last night.  On July 23, 2010 about

City of Bogo Anti-crime Task Force
Anti-Crime Task Force of Bogo City

2am two members of the group where outside Banco De Oro when they were fired upon and killed.  These are unofficial reports being disclosed on an internet forum frequented by Filipino.

The CBACTAF is an acronym for the City of Bogo Anti-crime Task Force.  The group has been surrounded by controversy for sometime.   Various political forces have claimed that is it basically the mayors private army.

It has been alleged that felons were among its members and that they were illegally carrying unregistered weapons.   So now its members do not carry firearms at all, instead they use Kali Sticks.

It will be interesting to see if how this changes the status of this group or if it is the final straw the end the groups existence.

My feeling is that most in Bogo want to see it used more but that’s only based on the few statements I’ve  seen around the net.   I’ll leave the opinion making up to the Filipino but would love to hear from those living in Bogo City.

Bogo City is normally a quiet town with very little crime.  Something of this magnitude is shocking.  I will add comments or post additional stories as more facts come to light.  At this time, I have no information as to why this happened.

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