Pizza Pub in Bog City Can’t Get it Right!

I have enjoyed going to The PIzza Pub in Bogo City since we moved to Bogo.  Everything has gone fine until our last two visits.  The selection they offer is pretty limited. They have a supreme pizza and we always order it without bell peppers and mushrooms.

The previous time we went they forgot to hold the mushrooms.  Instead of redoing the pizza they took the mushrooms off and returned it to us.  Jessie even told the waitress to write it down when we noticed she didn’t.  She was new and it seemed to be a problem by the way she was acting.

The last time we went, they forgot to hold the bell pepper and the mushroom.  The waitress was very familiar to us.  She came out to us and told Jessie (my girlfriend) that they forgot to hold the mushroom and bell peppers.  So they did it again, they just removed it all and brought it to us.  This time however, they couldn’t remove the bell peppers.  The first bite for each of us resulted in both of us getting bell peppers.  We complained and Jessie did the talking or most of it and then told me we had to pay.

I told the waitress if I had to pay, I wouldn’t be back, she just shrugged her shoulders.  So I got up, handed Jessie the money and walked out the door.  I was shocked and couldn’t believe what happened.  While I would have never paid in the US, this is not the US.  I am a guest here and don’t always know what is expected.

After checking with a long term expat, Jessie and another Filipina all told me I did the right thing.  The expat told me they would probably call the police.  If it had been in the states, I would have called the police before I left. The expectations here are different though.  As much as it boils my blood, I have to follow the customs here.  I was sad afterwards though, as the only way I can show my disapproval is not to spend any more money there.

There is a new Pizza Place in Bogo City but they don’t have a nice place to eat in.  There is no aircon (air conditioner) in the new Pizza Planet here.  So I will likely be waiting and spending more time at the Bogo City Seaside BBQ until we get a new pizza restaurant here in Bogo City.

There are many places to eat in Bogo City.  Jessie and I need to try more of the other places.  We are both too likely to stick with what we already know.  I’m especially like that when it comes to food.

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