A week or so ago, the power company repair crew came by to repair the lines.  A few days before that, Jessie and I noticed that the electrical lines were glowing red in a few places after a rain.  Our neighbors had reported power fluctuations, bringing the repair crew out for a look.

Bogo City Repair Crew with Ladder on Motercycle.

Bogo City Repair Crew with Ladder on Motorcycle.

The picture above says a lot more than may first be obvious.   The repair crew doesn’t have a fancy truck.  Their ladder is made out of bamboo.

People often talk about the Philippines being laid back, well here you go, here it is in action.  Its not just the lack of suit and tie for bankers but it runs much deeper than that.

Repaiging Power Lines In Bogo City

Repaiging Power Lines In Bogo City

It takes steady nerves to go up a pole using a wobbly ladder made of bamboo.  His assistant helps but the ladder still rocks a bit and sometimes it seems the assistant gets distracted.  I might have to find me a new assistant!  People of the Philippines are quite good at making do with what they have and making it work just fine.

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