Typhoon Ramon to Hit Bogo City

Typhoon Ramon is scheduled to hit Bogo City tomorrow. We are currently under storm signal one. There is good news for Bogo City, according to Tropical Storm Risk (TSR), the typhoon should be downgraded to a tropical depression for this area. Both PAGASA and TSR currently show it as only a tropical storm but Jessie said on TV they are reporting it will be a typhoon when it reaches Bogo City, according to Jessie.

Typhoon Ramon

Typhoon Ramon To Hit Bogo City

Either way, it is dark and rainy here now. It started raining last night. I love the rain. The winds are not bad at all, the rain is light to moderate. It is likely there will be some flooding in the lower level of my home but not likely to be serious. Typhoon Frank was a much bigger storm though it didn’t directly hit Bogo City and this one is projected to do so.

It will have already made landfall in Leyte before it gets here so that should weaken it some.

Hopefully it will just be soothing weather. I don’t have to go out so it isn’t a problem in that regard. However, it will likely result in electrical and internet and phone outages. That’s never a lot of fun. Maybe not and maybe it wont last three days like last time.

Typhoons are not common in Cebu but it looks like we have on headed into town.

We are not overly concerned at all, in fact, we have scheduled our air con to be cleaned tomorrow. That might be a bit over optimistic.  Typhoon Ramon should be taken serious though but there is no need to panic.

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