Kano Abuse or Filipina Abuse

I took this video of the Philippines while walking around Bogo City.  Its typical, my harassing Jessie, she harassing me.  I guess we both enjoy it.  Well, I don’t guess, I know we both enjoy it.  Hopefully it shows.  It shows the ordinary sights and sounds of the Cebu.  Its too bad, you can’t smell the fresh bread cooking all over the city.  Its not meant to a fancy, professional tourist video.  Instead, its more like the Blair Witch Project, minus all the fear.  Well other than the fear caused by crossing a street in the Philippines.

Some Filipina we run across in town like the camera while others run for cover.   Most of the pinoy (men) like to show out and are very friendly.  My camera is old so it is big.  They may think its a professional rig.  Far from it.  Its just 10 years old and in electronics time, that’s old.  It even uses video tape!  haha

This is a video of Jessie and I walking in Bogo City.  As you can see, crossing the street is often an adventure.  It may seem worse than it is.  It doesn’t seem unusual to me any more.  It seems pretty tame.   Perhaps, I have been somewhat assimilated.   I have a long, long way to go.

In the park, it felt like I was a hunter, seeking out the elusive Filipina.  Peering between the palms as the shy “animal” sneaks away.  Kind of had the feel of an animal planet safari.  haha

I hope you enjoy this little seven minute movie of my Cebu Experience.

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