Bogo City 07-25-2008

Yesterday I went on a 3 mile exploration and fitness walk.  Nothing official, just something I do to get out of the house without spending money and getting to know the people of The Philippines.Pretty Filipina

I didn’t take many pictures on this trip as my camera’s battery was not charged.  I hate it when that happens.  We also took a video camera and hopefully have good video from the walk.  An older Filipino stopped me and asked that I share his Tanduay 65.  It is the most common local rum.  Signs for it are every where.  Another Filipino offered to share his beer with me but I didn’t want to drink any more.  My gums were numb from the first drink.  I didn’t fully understand that as over all the drink is not as strong as liquor from the US.  No doubt my gums were numb though.  From what I can tell this is a common ritual of friendship and Filipino culture is what I’m interested in.

Additionally, we stumbled upon a cock fighting training session.  I video taped it and will convert it to hard drive but I don’t’ know if I’ll be able to include it on any of my websites.  I’m afraid advertiser will object to it.  While it is very acceptable in the Philippines and many other parts of the world, it is not acceptable in the US and most other western countries.  I wonder why things developed that way.  Why values in the west find this cruel while in the Far East and Middle East a normal part of life.

We found the city hospital and police station.   Hopefully we will not need either but it is good to know where they are.  I was hoping to make it to a nearby resort but that was further away.  I’m going to grab a Jeepney soon to make that trip.  Jessie will moan and groan but she will just have to get use to it. 🙂

Living in Cebu is turning into a wonderful Cebu Experience for this American Expat.

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