Walking in Bogo City, Philippines 07-10-08

I walked 3.3 miles today.  Most of it was walked when our power went out.  When we returned the power was still out and I was HOT!  So we went to Jollibee for their AirCon and a couple of cokes.

My PC died today so we tried to talk to our landlord into disconnecting our Internet for a while so that we could save money.  Finally we learned though it is easy to get disconnected but hard to get reconnected.  There will be people ahead of us and you will need to pay for priority connection when it is time to get re-established.  So we agreed with her, it is better to just pay it, even when we can’t use it.

Jessie’s friends want to come for a visit, and I would love that but they will expect me to pay for a lot of their entertainment and I just can’t afford it.  It is a common problem for Kano but the entire culture is different regarding things like this.  When it is your birthday, your friends don’t take you out, you are expected to take them out if you have such a party.  I’m also told though, it is about friendship.  They don’t care what you treat them too, if rice is all you have, they are happy with that.

We also walked to the Seaside Cafe today.  Jessie paid for most of it out of her money.  Once again we are running short on funds but then that’s been true my whole life. 🙂  It doesn’t matter but when my PC is dead and no money, I get a little bit stir crazy.

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