We have mostly taken Ceres Bus Lines.  There seems to be more of them and they look newer.  They may be newer.  In fact, the last time I took a Rough Riders bus instead, we nearly got on one that ended up breaking down just outside of Cebu City.  People were mad as they put a few of them on our bus, where there was standing room only.  Though, I have not seen any buses that were broken down before.  Now that I think about it though, our bus had to stop for a few moments as it was over heating.

Ceres Bus in Cebu

Ceres Bus in Cebu

The biggest difference I’ve seen though is in the way they drive.  I have not seen Rough Riders passing another bus.  I have never been on a Ceres Liner where they didn’t pass many other buses.  This high speed passing is frightening to me.

The time of the bus was about the same.  It took about 2.5 hours from Cebu City to Bogo.  The reason for that may be the constant stopping the Ceres buses do.  They rarely stop to give the driver of the passengers a break but the conductors frequently change buses.  I’ve seen the Ceres bus drivers spend 30 minutes to get around a dump truck while heading up to the peak of a mountain only to have a conductor stop the bus and watch all the cars and truck we just passed, pass us again.  Then once again we are stuck behind the slow moving group.

I had a friend that recently took a Rough Rider bus though and it scared him to death.  He was still mostly in the city, within Metro Cebu City though.  Yeah they all drive pretty aggressively within that area.  Traffic can be horrendous and getting up a lot of speed is next to impossible.  I’m not sure where he was though.

I’ve been on these buses many times.  Almost always Ceres.  A few weeks back I happened to get on a Rough Rider and immediately I noticed he was driving much more reasonable.  Actually driving slowly down a gravel road that most buses seem to use speed to slide around the corners.  Though I’ve only been on Rough Riders three times, there’s no doubt in my mind where I feel safer.

The Rough Riders always seems to stop at the halfway point between Cebu City and Bogo.  Even with this rest stop, the total time of the trip is about the same..  I will be taking Rough Riders from now on unless there is a long wait and even if there is, I’ll probably still take a Rough Rider.  The high speed passing the Ceres Buses carry out, scare me.

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