Street Kids in Cebu

When I was in Cebu City last week, we had the normal vendors selling things in the street.  They can be quite persistent.  One guy tried hard to sell me his “Beautiful hat, this is your hat.”  I found this to be humorous and laughed openly.

There are always the beggars too but I didn’t see as many this trip as I usually do.  They will put their face right up on the window and tap and motion with their hands toward their mouth. The idea is they need money to buy food.  They all have the same pleading face.  They don’t bother me a great deal except when they do it when I’m eating.  Usually when I take pictures they run.  Not this time though, not only did he not run away, he called his friends over to get their picture taken too.

Street Kids

In the above photo the child did have his face pressed right  up against the window.  He pulled away when I put the camera up but then called his friends or family over.

cebu beggers

The guy on crutches comes on over next.  He started posing for me but that picture is not shown.  I thought this picture was a good one so I choose to share it.


This time my plan back fired on me.  Usually when the cam comes out the beggars go away.  This time it caused them to gather around to join in!

There is a law in Cebu making it illegal to give to beggars.  I doubt it is widely enforced.  I wonder though, if a child got hurt while begging in the street and the child happened to be taking money from a rich person just as he was struck by a car and killed.  Would the family try to go against the donor?  Some families would.  I think the mayor would do every thing he could to prevent it from going forward.  I’m not sure of that though.

I would think it would be very bad for tourism.  The headlines would be something like charity results in jail term.  Good Samaritan jailed for kindness in the Philippines!  Naw, that’s not the image I think the country would wish to portray.  It is something to keep in mind when approached by those in need.

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