How to Stop A Beggar

The beggars in the Philippines often use the “we will irritate you until you pay us technique.” I think I have found the way to stop this, especially with children. Take their picture. I’ve tried this twice now and both times it worked. They almost always have adults nearby that have sent them out to beg.

When I try to take the picture the immediately get away as fast as they can. I still do not know exactly how to respond to this. I prefer to give beggars something but in these cases it is often such a fraudulent situation. And they are not happy with a little. I’m also told if you give them money once they will hound you from then on out.

I think giving them food is the way to go. But it is hard to carry food around.

This activity is not limited to expats but if you are an expatriate, you will be subjected to more of it.

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