After our first two months here, we thought that they brown out the city on the first Sunday in the month but after looking closer at it, we realize that they burned out the last Sunday in the month the first month we were here.

The second month they browned out the first Sunday of the month and now in the third month they burned out the second Sunday of the month.  Jessie hypothesized that they rotate the weeks.   Oddly it is hard to find a generator here.

So if Jessie’s theory holds out, they will brown out the third Sunday next month.  We need to find out how to know when this is going to happen so we can be prepared.

It wasn’t so hard this time, as we were not out of cash.  Plus the heat doesn’t bother me much any more.  Except when sleeping I handle it just fine.  Jessie complains more than I do.

We are not on the same power system as most of Cebu Island.  We are powered by a coop.  Most of the rest of the Visayans, including Cebu are powered by VECO.

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