It seems that two years ago, the government approved a rate increase for bus drivers that was never implemented. The rate increase was granted but there was an agreement with the Cebu Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia that buses using the Cebu South Bus Terminal could only charge 1 peso per Kilometer. Also keeping fares lower was that the line Ceres was charging less than 1 peso. The

In their meeting last week, the operator of Ceres Bus Co. also agreed to collect the same fare as the one charged by smaller bus companies.

This paves way for this increase. Gas prices have risen from 35 centavo to 45 centavo per liter since the former agreement was reached. It would appear that the Governor could object again but this writer doesn’t think that will happen due to the increase in gas prices.

As of May 6th, the fare from Cebu City to the northern Bogo City is 60 peso. From my estimates, the increase will change that fee to 80 peso. It would appear that bus companies will charge 1.3 per kilometer with P8.50 for the first five kilometers. This plan has not yet been finalized however.

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