Bridging the Provinces of Cebu and Bohol

When I first learned of this, I thought it was a joke but it is being reported by most of the Philippine newspapers.  There are plans to build a bridge that will link the Provinces of Cebu and Bohol lTarsierocated in the Central Philippines.

Cebu is a shopping and shipping power house in the Philippines, not to mention becoming more of a player in the passenger air business.  Bohol is a bit of paradise, mostly untouched by the masses.  It is home to the Tarsier, floating restaurants, resorts and chocolate hills.

This would be a major undertaking and something that would be a marvel to see.  The mayor of Cordova, part of Metro Cebu says money for the project will be found.  Already three million dollars has been set aside to pay for a feasibility study.

I would love to see this happen but I would hate to see Bohol to grow to the point that what makes it so popular is destroyed.  It is high on my list of places to visit.  The Tarsier is a primate that is extremely shy and discovered only recently.  They are often referred to as look a likes for gremlins.  That are endangered so they are heavily protected.

The name of Friendship Bridge is a perfect name.  It truly fits in with the culture of the Philippines where Friendships are treasured.

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