Cebu City is Number One

Several publications in Cebu are reporting Cebu City is being ranked number one by Tholons.  Tholons publishes, among other things, a study on the top 50 emerging cities in the world.  Cebu has been ranked number one by the investment advisory study by Tholons in outsourcing providers such as call centers.  In other words, Cebu is not number one in the number of call centers but according to the study by Tholons is the best place in the world for such operations.

Of course, it would be up to each business to evaluate its own specific needs.  On the other hand, it should give anyone in charge of such a decision a serious reason to consider Cebu City.  The quality of education is one of the measures used in the study.  Some of the others are the quality of life and infrastructure.

Having lived in Cebu City for a couple of months, it is a nice place with many more conveniences than what we have out in the more rural areas such as Bogo City.  I suppose more growth which will likely be coming to Cebuy City is a double edged sword.  With growth comes some issues that are not so good and no matter what city planners may say, I’ve not seen any city avoid them all.  Crime, hunger and illecit drugs being the biggest problem.

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