Walking in Bogo City, Philippines

July 24th 2008.

My Cebu Experience took a different road, literally took a different road today.

Today I went exploring which as always makes Jessie very nervous.  At one point she dared me to go forward into what looked like a foreboding area.  She should know better.  Once she tried to tell me a big lizard was making a noise thinking it would scare me away, instead it just peaked my interest.

We turned down a gravel road which seemed to be coming to an end at a gully.  It appeared a bridge had been there years ago but was now gone.  Then we saw that there was a smaller bridge built below thePretty Filipina old missing bridge.  Only foot traffic here, maybe the occasional motor cycle.  Off i went and we went on or a bit but it was rather hilly and there were a number of mosquitoes so I turned around.  Wouldn’t want to be there at dark without mosquito repellent.

We noticed that the road was cut into a lot of stone.  Then realized that it was dead coral.  It was like a massive skeleton. White in places, brown in others with small caverns running through it.  Mini Chocolate Hills of Bogo City.  it was obvious that the area was once under water but only because of the massive amounts of dead coral.  Probably a treasure trove for a geologist but for me a place to catch dengue or even malaria.

The Island off Bohol which is near Cebu is well known for its Chocolate hills.  These are much larger and can be seen from a the distance.  I have not been there myself yet, only pictures.  It is also well known for floating restaurants and the Tarsier Monkey.  The Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world.

Jessie tells me she doesn’t know anyone that was infected with malaria but she said she wouldn’t call it rare either.  My American doctor mentioned vaccines but asked where I was going and since it was a large city she said i didn’t need shots.  I think I probably should get the vaccines.  I guess she didn’t know what an explorer I am.  When young and fit, the forest is where you’d find me.  I love it.  I still do.  I want to get out in the weeds but i guess with age, proper fear sets in.  That and the tangle of weeds and brush would probably kill me now.

We went on to walk about 2 and 1/4th miles today, most of it aerobic.  These places don’t see many white guys walking down the road and the kids followed me as if I was the pied piper.  That happens in the city too, especially when I have George (Filipino monkey) with me. This time a baby goat was following me, a kid, Jessie said it was my kid.  It was following me, she is right about that.  Its owner happened to be walking down the road and took it back home.

I was really surprised to see all that coral.  Made me wonder, will it go under water again?  With all these dooms day sayers talking like global warming is a fact now, makes me wonder.  How much will the seas rise here.

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