One of my most enjoyable Cebu Experience I’ve had in the Philippines is the Philippine Monkey we purchased. His name is George, my guess is Curious George but I don’t know.

I don’t know his history. It appears he had a broken leg at some point. He has also been neutered. He is extremely tame. He wants to be a part of everything, especially anything to do with food. He is partial to girls but girls coming into his territory may get a tongue lashing from his shrill vocalizations. He puts up a good show but I think he’s actually enjoying this display of feigned aggression.

I read that he should have a shower every day. He is not a fan of showers. He is afraid of them but I keep taking him with me. I comfort him as best i can and he is getting a bit more use to them. I worry about the stress it is putting on him. We are making progress though as he no longer bites me. He seems to be gaining trust in me.

When we first acquired him he would not allow us to pick him up. it would cause him a great deal of stress and start to jerk. So we would always stop.. However, now I can pick him up whenever needed.

He understands a lot more than we realized. He is chain trained. He’s aware that tension on the chain means the end of the road but he may try a quick burst to get food if he spots it. He will eat most anything that is fresh. He prefers green bananas. He is most fond of the unripe bananas from the banana bushes that grow behind our home. I have never seen him eat an entire yellow banana. But he really loves the green ones. He also seems to love eggs as every time he spots one, he tries a quick grab of it. So far he has not been able to get to one. We will start giving him one a week or so starting next month. He likes rice and eats a lot of that. He also loves anything alive. Spiders, cock roach, and lizards are in severe danger if he catches a glimpse of it.

He understands the word no or perhaps the body language associated with it. Sometimes he needs a gentle tug on his chain to remind him he is not the alpha.

We need to get him to a vet but we might have to take him to Cebu City to accomplish that. He needs a check up. He also probably needs a rabies vaccine.

At night, he becomes sleepy and yawns and even rubs his eyes. He is sedate and loves to cuddle up close to someone. He’ll even lay down on a pillow next to Jessie.

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