It is true, they are still here.  Just today one told me “at least I didn’t shrink your head.”  While discussing my shirt with Jessie, I told her either I’m growing or my shirt shrank.  She said, “at least I didn’t shrink your head!

I knew it, this is why she is so tiny.  She IS a pygmy.  Even the chickens here are pygmy, they are small, meant for small people.  The last time we bought street food, a BBQ chicken I wondered if it was a chicken or a sparrow!  But for people who eat kano (white people) they don’t need a lot of chicken, thus they are smaller.  With a steady supply of stupid kano to serve as sustenance, it is no wonder they don’t worry too much about the size of their puny chicken.  This explains it all!  There are head hunters thriving in the Philippines.

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