Looking for an All Around Helper

For the last month, food has been disappearing at a rapid rate.  A months worth of coke lasted less than two weeks and a three weeks worth of eggs lasted less than a week.  Our rice consumption also went way up.   Maids that are also Nannies are called All around helper in the Philippines.

Last month we hired a pleasant, pretty young Filipina as a Ya Ya but then we ended up not getting the third boy just yet.  I was hopeful about her as she was pleasant but just had a bad feeling the entire time.  Things started going poorly almost off the bat.  She’d slip away and we couldn’t reach her and she was staying out all night.  Jessie had a talk with her and Jessie was unhappy when she discovered that the helper was still going out all night.

When I got only two days eggs out of the last batch, I knew something was up and Jessie was no longer ready to defend her.  The eggs might have gone to her family but the cokes probably went with her on her nights out on the town, who knows.

I told Jessie if we can’t trust her with the eggs we can’t trust her with her children.  The helper asked for the day off and we just gave her the rest of the month off.  Sent her on her way with P500 or a third of a months wages.  She had worked five days into the next month.

Her family was constantly putting pressure on her to bring home money.  She came home early on one of her days off because her father was angry when she didn’t bring home any money.  So we will start looking for another one.  I fear that this is not over yet, more will come of it.  I suspect her parents will be over here soon as she is 17 years old.

It was nice to take some of the work off of Jessie, she’s got a number of her own health problems.  Laundry wears Jessie out.  The girl didn’t seem to really mind our letting her go.  I suspect having to do the laundry after staying out all night was pretty hard on her.

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