All Americans are Rich!

Hey ]oe, give me all your money! A child playfully shouted out as I walked past the other day. I’m certainly living better than these children. They were outside their home as I walked by. The home is not much more than a shack. These kids mean no harm and I take no offense. However, it is telling of what many Filipino believe. They probably would be surprised to find out just how poor some Americans are. Some Americans are just as poor as many Filipino. Many Americans are even poorer.

I often wanted to go take pictures of old broken down, mostly abandoned, homes in the rural areas of North Mississippi. One problem, sometimes there are people living in those buildings. There is a lot less of that every decade as things are getting better for the poor in the USA. Well, there are fewer Americans that are that poor.

Some Americans now live in what to many Filipino would consider to be a nice place. But the local government built some of those places and it is a pit of crime. Most of the people that live there believe there is no hope of every escaping. And most never escape, a few trickle out here and there.

Then there is the majority of Americans that live nice but just getting by from pay check to pay check.
They have no money to spare. Like the guy in the commercial talking about all his stuff then says something like “and I’m in debt up to my neck, someone please help me.” While those Americans are rich with things they are broke in cash. That it is their choice is of no significance.

This is not a complaint in any way, I have no complaint with the belief but anyone coming to the Philippines should be aware of this common belief. If you meet a girl and fall in love, her family may believe you are rich and if you don’t help them all, then you are selfish.

Even though these were children, they are only repeating what they have been taught, or picked up from others, intentionally or otherwise. I don’t know if it is intentional. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your in their home land and your living in their culture and it is up to you to thrive in it or not.

Most Filipino have a smile on their face and they get through their hard times. They seem to be happy to me, no matter how hard things get. But before you judge anyone, you should consider things from their point of view and you should be careful.

I have found the Philippines a wonderful place. There are people here that will kill you for you cell phone, cell phones are like cash here. There is a huge demand for them and a thief can be assured of a quick sell if they snatch one. In larger cities, it is considered foolish to take your cell phone out on the street.

It is a wonderful country but be careful, remember you are not at home. You don’t blend in and things are a lot different here than in the USA.

I’m so glad I’m here but I never was one for blending in. : I love all the different things. Things the Filipino take for granted are wonderful to me. And I’m sure some of the things I left behind in the states would seem wonderful to me now. I do miss central air and sugar free Nestle’s Quick.

By the way, the picture of the home in this article is from a North Mississippi home and yes, people lived there. I once lived about five miles from that home.

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