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Hi folks, this is an administrative update about Cebu Experience.  you’ll know what is going on. Mainly I have created a new forum using much better software that is faster and gives much better options for the users. Like create your own group and upload your pictures. I also want to talk a bit about the FaceBook comment system that I added.

New vBulletin Forum for Cebu Experience

You can get to the CEX Forums Here. If you join you too can become a “Certified CEX User.” Okay, Okay so I have a naughty sense of humor. If you haven’t figured it out, CEX is what I call Cebu Experience.

When you first log into the forum, you’ll be moderated. This is, of course, to frustrate the spammers.  They will destroy a forum if you don’t prevent it. This automated moderation should disappear an hour after your first post is approved by a moderator. For now, that includes Jessie and me. 🙂 After that, the captcha’s should all go away and your post should be immediately approved.

As for human moderation, you’ll find me an even easier to go moderator there than you will here. I Cebu Experience Newsdon’t care what you talk about there. There is even a subforum for politics. Feel free to fight it out there. I really don’t like political comments here unless it is related to the Philippines. I usually don’t reply to those that drift off too far. Sometimes I really want too. So I do wish you’d take it to the forum were we can duke it out.

 Personal attacks and attacks on my poor grammar and spelling rile me up. I started to approve one last night just to ask her if she was so anal that she could never get anything done.  But I didn’t, I just blacklisted her and deleted the post. I know I have terrible grammar and spelling. 🙂 The only other thing I generally moderate is sites to questionable links and personal attacks on anyone. I have found that warning people usually just inflame them so I just dispense with those people.

I’ve had too people offer to proof read my messages. If you’re one of those two people, I’m sorry I have not been able to get back to you. I’m going to accept it from both of you. I’ll send one article to one of you and the other article to the other person. No doubt, I need it. Personally, I think I do English correctly and the rules are all wrong. Boy, is that conceited or what?

If could probably use some moderators. All I would want you to do is check post for spam. If the post is about something other than the Philippines and has a link in it then don’t approve it. There wont be much of that to do. It has been my experience though those moderators sometimes get to feeling powerful and start over moderating. I’ve been on too many boards where the moderation is way to high. I only know of one decent Philippines related forum and it is specifically for those reasons. Bob’s, for those of you that know him, is probably good but I haven’t looked at it closely. I just don’t have enough time.

The link at the top of the forum should start to redirect people to the new forum software soon.  It could be doing so already. I’ve left all the content from the prior forum up but locked it down. No new post should work there.

The new forum is ugly for now. 🙂 I’m more interested in getting the functionality working before I start working on how it looks. It has the standard vBulletin theme installed. vBulletin is not free software but regarded by most webmaster as the best out there. The look of the forum will be the hardest for me to change too.

You can sign up and login with FaceBook and you shouldn’t have to enter anything else. I hate logging into a system via FaceBook only to find out I still must go through the sign up process. That shouldn’t happen with this forum but I have not tested it yet. I will add more FaceBook connectivity in the future. That will cost me another $100 so I’m probably going to put that off for a month.

Forums are the best place to post questions not related to a topic. If you can’t find the related article on the blog please hit the forum link and post it there. You’ll become a certified CEX user and score brownie points with me, for whatever that is worth.

There is also a support forum there for customers that have purchased the Basic Expat Training Manual from me. I am still setting that up but it will likely be completed tonight. If you purchased the manual, send me a PM on the forum and I’ll add you to that area of the forum. If you have your receipt, it would help me a great deal to locate you I the customer database.

I’ll probably add a paid subscriber forum too. I can’t post what I’d like to post there as my advertisers would ban me if they found out. And with my luck they will find out.

FaceBook Comment System

Some of you might have noticed the new comment system I have added. I’d like to do away with the old system. The problem is, sometimes the comments really add to the article. Once or twice I was wrong and at least once, I wasn’t very clear so those comments really help to make the article better.  That’s the only reason I have not hid the old comments. I can do it with a single click. 🙂 I just might do it before I’m done though.

You do not have to have a FaceBook account to use it. If you have a Yahoo or Hotmail account you can also use it. You don’t have to post to your FaceBook timeline either. If you select the option to post to FaceBook then the comment and replies also post to your FaceBook timeline.

This is extremely helpful for me and for you. It has to do with marketing and the search engines. Google is now considering social networks in their rankings. If I have more visitors using social services to talk about this site, Google likes me more. If they like me more they rank me higher in the search results. This is critical for the survival of the website. I’d go broke with poor rankings quickly. I could no longer support this site on my retirement alone. How can it help you? Whenever you post a comment using that system, you’ll get a notification on FaceBook if there are replies.

In the last three days, I’ve had more than 15,000 visitors to this site! That’s much higher than normal. Sure wish I could do that everyday. 🙂 One day alone saw more than 8000 visitors. You can’t run a site like this on a $10 hosting account so the money has to be coming in.

Using the social services helps me get more visitors. I get a good deal of visitor to this site from FaceBook. When you post a comment using that system, then the more people see my site. They may want to see what their friend is talking about and they come visit the site. Then if the post a comment their friends will see the link to my sight and so on. It can grow quite rapidly.


For a couple of days, I had a captcha working on the comments. I saw on valued user was having issues with it that resulted in his loosing what he typed. That is not good. I’m sure he wasn’t alone, he was just the one that spoke up. He might have been hitting the wrong button to get back to his post and re-enter but I don’t know. I haven’t tested and it doesn’t matter. If he has the issue others will too. So I need to look for a different solution.  There are two reasons I want to add one. To keep spammers down and to be honest, get you folks to use the FaceBook commenting system. 🙂 You see that system doesn’t require a captcha nor are the post moderated. What you post there instantly shows up here and on FaceBook unless FaceBook moderates it.

I suppose since I’ve mentioned FaceBook so much I should add the link to my FaceBook fan page. You can visit that with this link.  Well that wraps up the administration stuff. I usually post these kinds of messages in the forum.  I do plan to add a widget on the right menu of this site to recent forum post. I’m still looking for that widget.

I had planned on writing about the US dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate. I planned on doing that yesterday but I just haven’t been able to get to it. I’ve spent most of last night, until 6am, working on the new forum. Then I worked on it again since noon today. It is now 2am. I’ll probably be up all night since I am not back on my vampire schedule.  Its me, its what I do. I don’t know, I’m pretty worn out. Hopefully I’ll get that article out tomorrow.

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