Learn To Speak Cebuano or Tagalog at ALBIS

I don’t think this is the best way to learn Cebuano, the best way is to find a tutor, someone that does it for a living.  But that is not easy to find in the out lying areas as there are so few people willing to pay for it out in the provinces.  That works fine in Cebu City or Davao.  Eventually I may go to Cebu once a week and visit a tutor that way.   That doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around  and wait for that before I even try.

I have trouble even hearing the speech.  I don’t know if that’s just me or others have this problem as well.  I tried to find a helper that could also serve as a tutor.  We did find one, I kind of regret not getting her but I don’t trust the agency she comes from.   We got one person from him and she was great but she didn’t stay after her contract was up and that kind of bothers me.  Something doesn’t feel right about it.  There was also a mix up in the terms of the deal. I’m not sure if I was mislead or just a communication problem.  I think I was mislead.

So, until I can find someone to teach me, I will use this flash card like site called ALBIS. The site is free and teaches by showing you a series of Cebuano words with their English counterpart.  My memory sure isn’t what it use to be.  LOL  However it does slowly sink in as you can see above, the Cebuano word for ash is in fact abo.   Notice the three small green “lights” on the right, that means I have not missed any yet.  I’m on level one here and this is the third word I’ve had to supply the Cebuano word for.

Once you miss three words on a level, you start over on that level but first the incorrect words are shown along with the correct response.

I can’t tell which word I missed here, its a bit blurry from this screen shot but it will show up fine on the ALBIS website.  I have advanced to level two but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten all the words in level one.  If so, I’ll sign up again with a new email address.

The site does remember what level you are on when you return.  I hope at some point it will make me go through level one again.  I know I’ve forgotten some.  I try to get by there every day but sometimes I run out of time.

Once I do find a tutor, hopefully I’ll only have to learn how to hear and say the basics.  I will already know some of the meanings.

Again, the link to the site is here.  I’m on my way to the site as soon as I finish this article.  Once at the site, look for Cebuano.  I looked for Visayan at first and nearly missed that they had the language I was looking for.  They list it as Cebuano and not Visayan, Bisaya, or Bisayan.

I try to spend 30 minutes a day on it.  Though sometimes I get lazy and don’t go.  Or sometimes just really busy wirting.

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