ABS-CBN is reporting that an Tony Oposa, an environmental lawyer, has developed a new type of glass bottomed boat.

…Instead of marine plywood, Oposa used sawali mats and fiberglass in making a glass-bottom boat that will enable tourists to see and appreciate corals and fish while island hopping…


He is hoping the design will be copied by other Filipino and in the process teach others about the beauty of the Philippines. He believes many do not know how rich their underwater country is with fish and corals.

I have been bothered a lot by some of the things I’ve seen from the people that own this country. But I can remember a time when I was not so concerned about adding to the litter in the USA. Then there was the massive campaign to educate us. It was executed by both the private sector and the government. I think that needs to happen here.

The situation is different in the Philippines. There are places in remote areas where less than modern methods will continue to be used. But in those areas there is less population and the damage not as significant. The minimum wage in the US during the 60’s is higher in actual dollars than it is in the Philippines now. Forget real dollars, I’m talking actual dollars. It is still only about $6.00 a day in the Philippines.

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