I’m going to be making a change on how updates on new post are sent out.

I’ve never been a fan of my current subscription method.   For one, its a little difficult to opt-out.  I don’t like that.  I want one easy click to stop the emails.  If you don’t want them, I don’t want you to get them.   Really I don’t.

The current system has some design flaws.  I get a lot of bounces because of spammer signing up.  This will stop that.

If you want to continue to recieve notices, you’ll need to sign up using the form in sidebar.  Its the same form to get the free eBook on “How To Send Money To The Philippines.”  Even if you already have that and you want to continue to get notified, please sign up again.  When I first set up this new tool, I was a little confused about it.  I spent a weekend trying to figure it out.

You can also use this link to sign up:  Sign Up For Notices Here.   It will open in a new window or tab so you wont leave the site.

I’ve changed the forms around about so you may not get included if you don’t double check.  If you’re already in the list, it wont cause duplicates.   The system will just let you know that you are already subscribed.

I don’t want to loose anyone but I also want people that actually want the emails to get them.

Sure hope I don’t loose anyone that wants to be included.  I will wait a bit before I disable the current system.  Probably a week maybe longer if I forget to disable it.  During that time you might get two messages until I get it cleaned up.

Please bear with me.

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