The Port of Bogo has been in the works for nearly a century but work stopped at various times for reasons not known to me. Filipino President Arroyo was present to lead the celebration. The Cebu Daily News (CDN) quoted Bogo City Mayor Celestino Martinez Jr. with the following:

The new port, which features facilities that can accommodate roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) vessels, is expected to spur economic growth not just in Bogo but the entire northern Cebu.1

i did not know she was coming or I likely would have been there to witness it myself. I’m not sure how this could have got by me without knowing unless they keep her where abouts a secret to the public for security concerns.

I watch the news quite a bit, the print news that is via the web. My subscription to CDN was canceled when I moved to Bogo City and we have not yet had our cable TV connected.

Discuss this article and what it means for Norther Cebu Province

1. Doris Bongcac, “Bogo City Port opens for business –, Philippine News for Filipinos,”Bogo City Port opens for business ,

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