Jermain and Filipino Friends

Jermain and Kindergarten Classmates

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Sometimes I write short quick stores on Facebook that just don’t fit well on Cebu Experience.  I also post pictures and video there when I just don’t have the time to write a full article to go along with them.   Today I posted some awesome pictures that Jessie took. Jermain, only four years old, and on his way to a kindergarten class.

I think I see a trend developing with Jermain.  He is already putting his arm around the ladies!  haha

I have several sites about the Philippines and I will integrate them all into this one face Facebook page.   You can see all the stories I write about the Philippines on this one site.  My other sites include a sight about air transportation in the Philippines, the cost of living in the Philippines,  living in Bogo City, Bantayan Island trips and a few other sites that I have around.

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