Officials Angry Over Toxic Substance On Board Capsized Vessel

It has been discovered that endosulfan is on-board the capsized Princess of The Stars in the central part of the Philippines. Officials say if even a small amount became wet it could have an extremely dangerous outcome. It would put divers in peril and thus diving on the vessel has been halted.

Angry officials said Sulpicio Lines, the vessel’s owner, would be held accountable for not alerting them to the 400 boxes of endosulfan.

Sulipicio reportedly claims they did not know that the chemical was on board. The plantation for which it was bound alerted officials that the substance was on board.

No leak has been detected but the chemical must be removed before recovery operations can proceed and all fishing in the area has been halted!

Body Identification

About 1000 family members were present in Cebu to view the remains of the bodies thus far recovered. It appears to have been a grizzly task and perhaps more so than necessary.

Wearing face-masks, relatives wept. Some fainted and vomited, at what they saw. One of the bodies, a female, was clutching a headless baby to her chest.

It seems too me that one person from each family could be questioned to narrow down the number of possible victims that could be their family member. There is no reason to subject everyone to every body. No reason to subject everyone to a headless baby. Some family members are never going to be recovered. There is no reason that someone looking for a man should be subjected to the scene described above. When their family member is never found, they will remember this headless baby and wonder what horrible things happened to their loved one. It would take more time to do what I am suggesting but considering the possible long term mental trauma inflicted on these people is time well spent.

Safer Ferries?

I hope this unnecessary loss of life brings about improved regulations and enforcement. I hope that it doesn’t result in useless enforcement of regulations that only make it harder for people to travel. Officials say this chemical should have never been sent via a passenger ship. How did it get on there? How often does this happen, what is in place to prevent it from happening?

Cost is always a problem in the Philippines but ferries are pretty much out of bounds for most poor Filipino. The cost is too high on most of ferries. Though I know of one route that is only 200p. Routes from Cebu to Leyte are as much as 900p. When your earning only 100 to 200p a day, that is a lot off money, even 200p is a lot if it equals one days pay.

Typhoon Frank bears the international code name of Fengshen.

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