New Years Celebration In The Philippines

Philippines celebration of New Years is a lot like that of the US but exaggerated.  The main exception is that is more about family than a party.  What partying there is usually done with family.  The disco in Bogo City was closed on New Years eve.  What would be the biggest night in the year for most bars and clubs is a Fireworksclosed day here in the Philippines.  I’m sure many are open, especially in the larger cities but in Cebu, they are closed.  Well, we have only one and it was closed.

Fireworks and Evil Spirits

The Filipino that I know personally are considerably more superstitious than Americans.  I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t be.  Sometimes the home we live in gives me the creeps and it does Jessie too.  She’s never said anything but I can tell.  Going down the kitchen in the middle of the night is really creepy for some strange reason.

In the Philippines, fireworks on New Years Eve are to ward off the evil spirits.  I assume this came from the Chinese influence in the country.  If there are any evil spirits, they are  not only driven off they are traumatized after the war zone that Bogo City became about 11:30pm last night.  I think we may have been the only people in town that didn’t set off any fireworks.  They were going off every place.  I had wanted to walk down to the wharf but ended up not feeling very well last night so I went no place.  Jessie had told me there would be too many fireworks and we might get hurt, accidentally.  I understand now!  I would still go though. I just want to be a part to everything Filipino.

More than 12 Fruits

Another tradition here is to put more than twelve fruits on the table for your new years dinner.   The kids spent the night with the yaya.  Which was fine with us and them.   I’ve never been a big reveler for new years.  And this year brings the year in which I turn 50 so today I’m just a day older than I was yesterday.  I did want to go out though, just didn’t work out.

The next time something goes bump in the night, I’m going to figure it is a traumatized ghost  that is so scared it closed its eyes and bumped into a wall.  Though it was mostly just another day for me, that sure wasn’t true for almost all Filipino!

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