Windsurfing on Hold

I have a Filipino Friend that loves to wind surf.  We’ve tried together several times but something always gets in the way.  About a month ago, he told me it was the lightning season now and he sent his sail in for repairs.  I didn’t wind_surfing_chihuahuaknow what he meant by lightning season.  I had never heard that term before.  Jessie, my Filipina girlfriend also didn’t know of the term but she recognizes it as valid.  She said “Maybe I was taking it for granted.”

I was here last year at this time and remember a lot of lightning.  When we go to the bay of Bogo at night there is almost a lightning show going on or even when sitting on our terrace at night, we see the sky light up nearly every night.

It certainly is pretty but I understand my friends hesitancy to grab a metal pole in the water!  I worry about our Philippine monkey as she is in a metal cage.  Its well shielded from the weather but lightning can certainly jump around.  If I remember right, concrete will serve as a conductor too, so a direct hit would not be required.  At the same time, hopefully the concrete will serve as a ground.  However, I’d enjoy comments on this as I’m not at all sure.

I enjoy watching weather, I just returned to my computer..  I noted the wind coming up so I told Jessie “I’m going outside.” She said “I knew you were going to say that.”

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