I knew bus prices were going to rise in the province of Cebu, Philippines but I didn’t expect them to double.  Instead of the 60 peso per person the fee has risen to 120 peso per person when traveling from Cebu City to Bogo City.  I’m told that Bogo is 120Km from Cebu City.

Instead of a round trip for two people costing 240 peso the trip is now 480 peso!  That is a significant fee for us.  It means even fewer trips to Cebu City.  Especially for me.

While in Cebu I had two people try to sell Cialis  and Viagra!  That was new.  I had hoped to go see Black Knight while I was there but we ran out of time.

On the way home we got an air conditioned bus.  This bus was much nicer than most.  The seats were nicer and it was cool inside the bus.  I wasn’t constantly fighting falling into the isle.

I had noticed for the last couple of weeks that there seemed to be fewer buses running.  Now I’m certain of it.  Neither the trip to Cebu City nor our return to Bogo City had a fully filled bus.  I’ve never seen that, i had seen people standing for long portions of their trips.

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