Cebu View Inn in Cebu City

For my last overnight stay in Cebu City I stayed at Cebu View Tourist Inn.  This is a different pension house from what I normally stay.  I have usually stayed at Pacific Pension and it is a nice place for about P800 per night. You can get a room at Cebu View for about the same price but if you want wi-fi in the room, you’ll have to pay around P200 extra for that. For me that is the only advantage of Cebu View.

For those living in Cebu, CebuView is a good low cost pension house. It appears they spell it as one word but I will spell it as two as that is how people that are searching the web for Cebu View are likely to spell it.

Both are really pension houses.  Pacific Pension is in the heart of the expat area near Osmena Circle. It is probably a safer place to stay. Cebu View is in a bit rougher area of town and I was a bit leary of it. It is in the “downtown” area of Cebu. Not far from the famous or infamous depending on your view, Colon Street. Colon Street is the oldest street in the Philippines.

Cebu View Not In The Best Part of Cebu City

It is famous because of that and infamous because of the pick pockets and purse snatchers. There is much poverty in this area. You’ll likely see quite a few poor people living on the street if you venture down to one end.  Colon Street is also well known as a place to buy electronics at a low price.

I’ve heard of quite a few thefts on Colon Street. A friend discovered that someone had cut the wrist band of his watch. The idea appeared to be cut it off and let it fall but the humidity caused it to stick to his arm. Robbing the thief of his naughty deed.

I had a group of kids swarm me there, putting their hands on my pockets and follow me around. I responded by sticking my hand in my pocket. It was where my billfold was.

Cebu View is near the historic Basilica del Sto. Niño and also Magellan’s Cross. If you stay at this Cebu City pension house, make it a point to visit this old church. Magellan’s Cross is adjacent to it, in the rear.

While standing on the street, one lady asked me if I was looking for a wife and another wanted to know if I would like for her to come to my room for some excitement. Actually, she was far more blunt. I told her my girlfriend was up there. She was actually quite nice.

I walked around the corner to see what was there, saw a guy sleeping on a bench, another raised his hand and gave me a big toothless smile and shouted “Hello my friend.” Sensing he would at best ask for cash, I made a quick exit back toward Cebu View and their security guard. Many have complained about pimps offering their girls in this area.

I enjoyed being in this area of Cebu a little more than I usually am. The area leaves me a bit weary though.  I really don’t recommend it for new folks.  If you really need in room Wi-Fi or you want to see a rougher area of town,   at a low cost then consider Cebu View.

Cebu View

I have included their card so you can print it out and take it with you. Not every taxi driver will know how to find it. I am likely to stay at Cebu View again, probably this month. The rooms are very clean, the air con works well. The lobby has air con too but it is still quite warm there to me.

Cebu View does not offer room service but they have a restaurant and you can take food back to your room if you like. Jessie and I did and we had Pizza delivered from Da Vinci  Pizza. There is also a Jollibee in the area that I’m guessing open 24 hours.  I didn’t confirm those hour.


The room is as good, maybe a little better than Pacific Pension but the area that it is in will put you more at risk. Cebu View is fine for me but it might not be right for you.


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